Our olives trees and the oil production process

Our olives trees are centuries old and are located mostly in areas difficult to machine, in small family farms worked by skilled hands, that bring their fruit, olives, until the mill with care.

Some of our olives trees are located into the " Parque Natural de la Sierra del Montsant" This further ensure the quality and beauty of our olive cultivation landscapes.

Technological advances and new facilities allow obtaining the quality and properties of our extra virgin olive oil. The production process is carefully controlled and all the machinery, storage tanks, pipes and so on, are manufactured with materials that ensure to get top quality oil and also a good product preservation.

The 95 % of our oil production is from " Arbequina " olives variety and the remaining 5 % from " Rojal, Morrut " varieties among others.

Currently, production is about 200.000Kg of oil of which about 15.000 Kg are of ecological agriculture certified by " CCPAE"