Olive oil with exquisite organoleptic features

Our oils have a medium-intense green fruit-like profile. The whole is quite balanced, with well-fitting aromas and appropriate intensities. We also make the "Fusió d'Aromes", a blend of varieties with a different profile.




















Winners of dozens of awards and recognitions

Baronia de Cabacés extra virgin olive oil has received awards and recognition in important national and international competitions.

The outcome of the effort of many families

The entire production process is taken care of, from the care of the olive trees and the land by the farmers to the production and final packaging of the oil.

Our olive trees are mostly centenarians and are located in a territory that is difficult to mechanize, in small family farms worked by expert hands who provide us with their fruit, the olives, treated with great care until they reach the mill.

Some of our olive trees are located in the Serra del Montsant Natural Park, which further guarantees the quality and beauty of our crops.

In the field, farmers have the technical support of professionals from the Institute of Food Technology Research (IRTA) and the Plant Defense Association (ADV).

Good practices are used in the cultivation of the olive tree: the techniques of plowing and mowing are respectful of the environment and, in addition, thanks to the climate of the area, virtually no phytosanitary products are used.

Centennial olive trees

Family farms

Respectful cultivation

Olive trees with bags on the ground and farmhouse in the background

Our varieties

Our oil is 95% of the production of the Arbequina variety and the remaining 5% of the Rojal and Negret varieties, among others.

Arbequina Olive
0 %
Rojal, Negret and others
0 %

Careful elaboration

That guarantees quality



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Guarantee of quality

Technological advances and new facilities make it possible to maintain the properties of the extra virgin olive oil that we produce.

The whole production process is carefully controlled and all the machinery is made of materials that guarantee the obtaining of the maximum quality and a good conservation of the product. Care is also taken with cleaning because the oil easily absorbs external odors.

Throughout the process the organic agriculture olive is carefully separated from the conventional one, using different hoppers, changing the washing water and cleaning all the machinery (mill, mixers, decanters, etc.) when changing the type of crop.

From olive to oil in less than 24 hours

The process is done quickly to prevent the olives from degrading or fermenting and losing properties of the oil or the appearance of defects.

Constantly reviewed by specialists

Each week an external IRTA technician monitors the entire production process at the cooperative to ensure product quality.

The Cooperativa Agrícola de Cabacés is part of the Siurana Protected Designation of Origin, an organization that works to control, guarantee and certify the quality of our oils.

SINCE 1933

Environment and history

In an ideal natural environment for the cultivation of the olive tree and with a history starring the farmers of Cabacés who have been collaborating for decades to produce an oil of exceptional quality.

Baronia de Cabacés Oil Fair

During the first week of December, the Cooperative organizes a day dedicated to our oil, and also for our customers to know the people, the land, the facilities and the way of working, fundamental characteristics of this unbeatable product.

Throughout this day, visitors can visit the most interesting places and corners of the town and can attend activities related to the town and the oil, such as tastings, olive harvesting or guided tours of the mill.

Taula parada enmig dels olivers - oleoturisme

Oil tourism

The best way to enjoy our olive oil is to discover them first hand. Come to Cabacés and spend a morning surrounded by a unique environment of olive trees, in the heart of Serra del Montsant. Visit our mill and learn how the effort of all our farmers turns into a product of the best quality. Enjoy breakfast among olive trees and other special activities.

Agro shop

Our agro shop is located in the same building as the cooperative. You will find our oil and other local products there. It is open on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 10:30 to 13:30.


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You can also visit our agro-shop, where you will find oil and other local products. It is open on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 10:30 to 13:30.